About Us

DeBugem Pest Control has been providing full-service Pest control to homeowners, large residential properties working with associations and property managers. We are privately owned and operated, serving all of Palm Beach and Broward County. Licensed and insured, we have over 26 years of combined professional experience in the pest control industry. Our team of expert technicians are dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who offer personally tailored pest control services and professional advice to provide the best solution for you.

DeBugem Pest Control’s year round pest protection plans can guarantee protection for your home and family from the most common household pests. We also provide pest control and protection for all commercial and industrial facilities so that you can run your business without worrying about pests.

We also offer year-round or one-time lawn and shrub treatments for insects, weeds, and seasonal problems and “Lake friendly”phosphorus-free dry fertilizer. We are equipped to care for large properties and sport turf and will easily transform your lawn to a lush, green paradise!

Whether you need a one-time pest control service or year-round protection, our DeBugem technician will adjust your pest control services to meet your needs. We will provide you with the best pest control recommendations and give you advice on how to prevent those pests from returning.

Even if you prefer to do it yourself, we have a D.I.Y. store just for you. We have a solution that is right for you. Call us today!

If an employee from a pest control company comes to your house or business, they must have an ID from the Department of Agriculture. If they do not have one, they may be a new employee. But they should still be able to show you their application for identification.
You are entitled to ask for and receive a copy of the company’s state license. This proves that they are qualified as a certified operator and they are fully insured.

Ask for a written proposal regarding any problems found during the inspection.
The technician’s vehicle should be clearly marked, organized, and state the organization’s phone number. The technician should be wearing a uniform with the company name on it. The pest control company should conduct background checks and drug screenings of all of its employees.
The Department of Agriculture recommends that everyone should get a termite inspection at least once per year and most places will inspect for free.

If you need to file a complaint about a company doing unscrupulous business, you should call the Department of Agriculture.

We’re Knocking so Termites Can’t Come In The only time you will see us knocking on wood is when we are looking for termites. That is because DeBugem’s Lawn & Pest Control offers the leading non-repellant termiticides and control methods, the most customer-favorable agreement in the industry, and a $1 million guarantee. Debugem Lawn & Pest Control has been protecting Florida homes from unwanted pests. Call today for a free termite inspection and ask about our No Tent Termite Treatment!

About the Owner

Dale Martin has 17 years of experience in the pest control industry as a technician, branch manager, and now a business owner. He believes in providing impeccable customer service at an affordable price. Dale takes pride in the fact that DeBugem provides reliable service with a personal touch. During his career in pest control, Dale has heard countless horror stories about dishonest individuals in this industry.

To save honest consumers stress and money, he has compiled a list of 5 things you should know before you buy any pest control service.

And while he hopes that you will choose DeBugem for your pest control needs, above all, he wants to help you protect your money from fraudulent individuals.