Lawn Pest Control ServicesLawn Pest Control services

DeBugem offers total year-round care along with one-time lawn and shrub treatment and protection for weeds, pesky insects and seasonal problems for single family homes, apartments, multi-family units, condos, large properties and even sport turf in Palm Beach County. Our professional technicians will transform your lawn into a lush, green, insect free area. We are the lawn maintenance specialists in South Florida with a personalized action plan for your lawn care needs.

South Florida’s constant tropical climate can make lawn maintenance a major headache year round from ensuring proper nutritional balance, controlling weeds and invading insects, like the mosquitoes. Backyards can become overrun with the pesky mosquitoes and DeBugem recognizes the problem and provides the most effective solution to get rid of them along with ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, spiders and rodents so you will be able to enjoy your backyard again. When it comes to lawn care and achieving the gorgeous green grass, our professional technicians use phosphorus-free, dry fertilizer that is “lake friendly.”